Sleep E Stories - Make Bedtime Better!

Every parent knows that bedtime can be a challenge.

Sleep E Stories

  • Sleep E Stories are not traditional bedtime stories. They are completely unique rhythmic, repetitive stories designed to relax, soothe and encourage the listener.

  • Sleep E Stories have been proven to put children and adults to sleep faster and help them sleep longer and deeper.

  • Sleep E Stories were created and are told by John Oliver, one of America's best known voices.

  • Sleep E Stories work best when used nightly. After your usual bedtime routine, play a story, and enjoy a peaceful rest.

You can download individual stories on CD Baby

Purchase Sleep E Stories - Disc 1 here for $19.95 +s/h

The Sleep E Stories - Disc 1 CD includes these 4 stories:
  1. Kittens on a Train (11:13)
  2. Fred the Ordinary Bear (12:58)
  3. Rainy Day Rabbit (11:39)
  4. Ralfy Racoon and the River Raft (12:35)

WARNING! Never listen to Sleep E Stories while operating a moving vehicle!